Sunday, July 20, 2014

REVIEW: Silent Bite: A Scanguards Wedding (1001 Dark Nights) by Tina Folsom

Silent Bite: A Scanguards Wedding (1001 Dark Nights) (Scanguards, #8.5)Silent Bite: A Scanguards Wedding (1001 Dark Nights) by Tina Folsom
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

If you love the Scanguards Vampire series by Tina Folsom, then you should definitely read this story. It is the follow-up novella to Oliver’s Hunger. In Oliver’s Hunger, we were introduced to Ursula and her special blood. In Silent Bite, we go through the wedding prep with her parents and a former bad guy supposedly reformed who discovers that not all the girls with the special blood have been sent home and that he hasn’t been cured. Add to that, he believes the Scansguards company has screwed him big time.

As with most weddings, the planning doesn’t go smoothly the moment Ursula’s parents arrive. Add to it that Oliver must stay somewhere else for the week and you’ve got one moody vampire and one moody bride to be.
All of the gang is involved in this novella in one way or another and it’s a quick read and great companion to Oliver’s Hunger.

Even though I knew this wasn't a full novel, I just felt like this novella was rushed and that there could have been more mystery and intrigue (like Ursula's father's illness). Regardless, I did enjoy this book.

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