Monday, August 4, 2014

REVIEW: Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover

Ugly LoveUgly Love by Colleen Hoover
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ugly Love = Ugly Cry --- just warning... you will need tissues and if MAYBE SOMEDAY is currently your favorite Colleen Hoover book, this one will make you rethink that.

"You make it so hard to breathe." - Miles to Tate, page 86, Ugly Love

First and foremost, this is not a LOVE TRIANGLE... those of you that have read the synopsis and think that... really should read the book first before you say that.

Now... where was I... oh yeah... Miles and Tate.

Tate moves in with her brother when she moves up to San Fran to finish her education as well as work part time on the weekends as an ER nurse. She comes from a family of pilots. Her grandfather, her father, and her brother. All pilots. The night she arrives on her brother's doorstep, there's a very drunk and handsome man passed out in front of the apartment door.

Miles.... Miles, Miles, Miles... when we first meet Miles, he's the drunk and handsome man passed out in front of the apartment door.

Miles chapters start out six years prior and we learn of his first love. We learn of their trials and tribulations while being interwoven in the present of how his relationship with Tate evolves from neighbors to friends with benefits.

Because of what's happened in his past and the heartache he suffered, he isn't willing to move on yet. He can't.

This story, for me was beautifully written. No matter that Tate isn't promised a future with Miles, she doesn't give up on him for the longest time and then she realizes she wants more. But can Miles finally let go of the pain of six years ago and move on? That's the million dollar question.

We meet the protective big brother - Corbin - as well as Miles' best friend - Ian. But there is another character we meet that is a character all his own and that is Cap, the 80-year old elevator operator. He is there for both of them to dole out advice and one liners as well as to listen and for Tate, he becomes her best friend. She seeks solace with him when she can't sleep because of things with Miles.

I found myself laughing out loud and crying as well as ugly crying all throughout the book.

I had to ask myself several times until I found out the truth just how one could be so callous and yet so obviously have feelings for someone else the way that Miles does and when Colleen gets you to that point in the story, it all just clicks.

This is a love story. It's also one about loss and how one copes with it until the lightbulb turns on and they're ready to open up again.

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Sunday, August 3, 2014

REVIEW: Seize Me by Crystal Spears

Seize Me (Breakneck, #1)Seize Me by Crystal Spears
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book is not for the weak of heart. If you are looking for something that is sweet and lovey dovey and romantic and nothing bad happens, this is not the book for you.

This is a book about a girl who runs away from her life as a Russian Mafia Princess after her father kills her man right in front of her. It's about how she moves on to only become involved with drugs, guns, and the Prez of a Motorcyle Club.

She is all strength and bad ass when she needs to be and a mumbling mess at other times and her Prez is all over his Angel.

I do NOT recommend this book to just anyone. It has some real violent darkness to it that even I had a hard time reading. Because of this, I can only give it three stars. And it will not stop me from reading more of this MC or more of the author's books.

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REVIEW: The King by J.R. Ward

The King (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #12)The King by J.R. Ward
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really wanted to give this book five stars. Truly, I did, but the problem I had with this book was too many side plots and not enough of the Brothers.

Don't get me wrong, I found I enjoyed Assail and Sola as well as Trez, iAm, and Selena but there wasn't enough of the Brotherhood and the Lessers and the fighting for me. In fact (SPOILER HERE), there were only two MINOR instances of Lesser involvement and the Brotherhood only got involved after Trez called them to come clean up.

So about my review... well... what did I like? I loved reading about Wrath and his past and how his present was sort of paralleling in a way with the past. While Beth (SPOILER HERE) is not poisoned, it is because of her that people seek to remove him from the throne.

We see the true love and strength that Beth and Wrath have for each other and the lengths that they will go to for the other to make them happy. We see them both struggle with her Needing and whether or not to allow it as well as whether or not to have a baby.

I struggled with reading this book... it took me a month and the only books that do that are ones that I cannot get into. I grounded myself this weekend to finish this book and I'm glad I was able to focus on the story once I figured out why I couldn't get into this book.

Will the fact that I had such a hard time getting into this book stop me from reading other BDB books in the future, heck no. I love the Black Dagger Brotherhood and hope for many more books about them and their world. I just wish there was less side plot and more history of how Wrath came to be as well as more of the Brotherhood in this story.

Although it was implied that Blay and Quinn were in the house in several scenes, I cannot recall actually reading about them in the book.

And Layla and X'Cor... I'm sorry... but her sneaking out and him now knowing where the BDB are I am not happy with. Layla may think she was doing good to promise herself to X'Cor (SPOILER HERE) if he gave up his vengence to dethrone Wrath, but honestly the baby needs to be born and she needs to be gone from the mansion. End of.

However, I did fall in love with Trez and iAm and cannot wait to read more about them when their story comes out.

And that's my review in a nutshell.

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Saturday, August 2, 2014

REVIEW: Lead by Kylie Scott

Lead (Stage Dive. #3)Lead by Kylie Scott
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

You know, I thought I loved "Lick" and "Play" but nothing could prepare me for the emotional roller coaster that is "Lead".

I didn't like Jimmy Ferris in "Lick" . I didn't want to know him, I didn't care about him, I thought he was a waste of space. I honestly did. Anyone who is that much of a self-absorbed alcoholic and drug abuser, I have no sympathy for. But, I didn't know his story... truly. Just what David shared in "Lick". Already knew his past wasn't pretty.

But, if you've read "Lick" (if you haven't... SPOILERAGE ALERT and GO READ IT RIGHT NOW), then you know that he went to rehab before the group relocated to Portland.

Well, Jimmy's out of rehab and the band is in Portland. They've hired Jimmy a new "sober" partner/assistant in the form of Lena. Lena doesn't take crap from anyone as was evident when the group were at Adrian's office and when Adrian gave her a hard time, she sassed him right back before he fired her. That had the gang sold on her.

Lena's past is something she doesn't like to dwell on. She left home after her ex cheated on her and hasn't been back since. She has no plans to attend her sister's wedding either.

Lena is there to keep Jimmy sober. She lives in the house with him. When things happen at Mal's mom's funeral, she begins to see the man behind the mask that Jimmy has had firmly in place. She knows he's flawed, but she falls for him.

When they return to Portland, her feelings intensify and it becomes harder for her to ignore. Jimmy begins to call her out on glancing at him and when she finally admits she has feelings for him, they come up with a plan for her to get out of the house and date.

When the plan works too well, jealousies come out to the point that she leaves and goes home while he goes to L.A..

How does this end? Ha... not tellin... Read on though for my thoughts.

I heart Malcolm, I really do. He brought the humor whole heartedly at times when I wanted to kick Lena or kick Jimmy. The gang was in full force to lend their support throughout the book, even Killer the puppy.

We see the Ferris brothers disagree, make up, and bond and I love that. I love that Jimmy and his flaws made me go from hating him/not really caring about him, to loving him and wanting him and Lena together.

Lena and her strength at being there for Jimmy at the funeral and then when things came ahead not once, but twice where the Ferris' boys mother was concerned, I believe, is what cracked through Jimmy's walls and Jimmy harbored feelings for Lena from the get go... I'm convinced of that.

I though "Play" was my favorite of the series because Mal makes me laugh and I adored his book, but Kylie redeemed Jimmy for me. You have to read the series to discover Jimmy and his flaws and you won't be disappointed. While Jimmy is always gonna be an addict, he owns up to that and doesn't hold back about it and instead gets through the day one day at a time and by the end of the book, he's got me in his corner.

And now we wait for Ben's story... and I'm hoping to see lots of Jimmy and Mal and David involved in there.

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