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REVIEW: Cooper by Harper Sloan

Cooper (Corps Security, #4)Cooper by Harper Sloan
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If you haven't read the previous books in this series, please do (Especially Beck), because Chelcie and Asher are introduced in previous books and while this is their story, events from Beck play into this book as well.

I was a wreck in Beck because of events that brought Asher Cooper to town, but I didn't know how wrecked I'd be as I read about Chelcie's and Cooper's story and how those events would play into it until I was buried deep into this book.

In other words, especially if you have read Beck, have tissues at the ready because if you're a crier like me... you're going to need them.

We saw Asher Cooper begin his downward spiral in Beck and he was really down there at the beginning of Cooper when he's calling a woman by another's name (Chelcie) and Locke's cat is missing. He comes to realize that the one woman he doesn't deserve or shouldn't want, he wants. When he's around her, things are just better.

Chelsie wants nothing more from Cooper thank a distant friendship, yet she knows she needs to tell him about the secret she's keeping but because of how he's been, she's not sure she should. He has a right to know, but she knows she isn't ready to tell him yet.

Cooper and his Alpha ways and Chelcie and her strength, love, and encouragement help each other with their pasts, their building love, and telling each other their secrets.

At first, Asher is upset, but he comes around and it makes him love Chelcie and bond with her even more.

Will a woman from Cooper's past though, tear that apart?

I admit that because Asher wasn't truly a part of the other books until Beck and that I didn't grow to love him already in the other books, that I had my misgivings about this book and that I wasn't prepared to commit fully to it like I had the other books. I was kinda pissed actually that Coop didn't get his own book. But in a way, he did. To me, this was not only Asher's story, but Coop's story and Coop is very much a part of this book.

Harper not only showed Chelcie's strength and determination from the get go, but she made me root for Asher as he looked for Locke's cat and bega to fight for Chelcie and for a life with her, a family with her.

Having appearances by all the gang, from Sway to Emily (the way Emily showed up was AWESOME) just helped with the closeness of the characters and drew me into the story even more.

I laughed, got angry, cried, and cried some more, but in the end, Harper Sloan soared with this book. It is not a filler before Locke's story. It is the story of two brothers and how one woman made their family stronger and filled with more love than ever.

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