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Review: Devil May Cry by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Devil May Cry (Dark-Hunter, #11)Devil May Cry by Sherrilyn Kenyon
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Sumerian Fertility God Sin – a Dark-Hunter but not really, he fights the demons the Dark-Hunters don't. For thousands of years he's been fighting them and on occasion, Acheron helps when he's not bound to Artemis's compound on Olympus. For thousands of years, Sin has been dreaming of ways to get his hands on Artemis to kill her for taking the majority of his powers away from him.

Katra, aka Kat - Artemis' daughter, but no one is supposed to know. She works for both her mother and her grandmother and knows they play her against each other. She also knows who her father is, but he has no knowledge of her being his daughter. She looks pretty much like her mother, so much so that Sin mistakes her for Artmeis at first. Artemis lies to Katra to get her to do her bidding by telling her that Sin is after her. When Kat finds him, she finds him slaughtering a human. He disappears after killing the human and she eventually tracks him down.

Once he finally deduces that she is not her mother and that he is out to save the world and that killing Artemis, while high on his list, is not top priority at the moment, they come together to rescue his brother and stop the Gallu from destroying the world.

They both notice the sexual tension between them, but Sin's afraid to love again and Kat has never felt this way before plus, there's the whole she's an 11,000 year old virgin (WHAT THE FRACK???!!! Really?). They realize after a few days that they love each other, Kat gets sick and the only way to save her is that Ash has to bind her to Sin as he is bound to Artemis.
During Kat's first feed off of Sin, he learns the truth. It wasn't Artemis that stripped him of his powers, it was Kat as she's a conduit. She stripped him of them and gave them to her mother, all because her mother lied to her. She goes to Ash for advice when Sin leaves her and he tells her to be sincere with her apology from the get go. It's what could have saved his relationship with her mother after all. She apologizes to Sin and he can tell she's sincere and accepts but sends her away so that she is safe and he can concentrate on finding his brother and killing the Gallu. Kat has her own way of helping and after a week finds him a mess. They make up and it's off to save his brother with additional help from some Daimons and Ash and Artemis.

I didn't get into this book until Acheron finds out that Kat is his daughter. The scenes that he and Kat share for me were potent and touching. The fact that Kat was an 11,000-ish year old virgin just ticked me off. Really?

Simi and her sister make an appearance as do the Daimons, Katra's mother and grandmother and the Dream-hunters, too. Where were my were-hunters? (Just kidding) By the end of the book, I was asking for more, but I really wish this book would have drawn me in a lot sooner than halfway through it.

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Review: Safer Outside by Kristina Renee

Safer OutsideSafer Outside by Kristina Renee
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

*** I was given an ARC of this book by the author for an honest review ***

Wow... I literally just finished this book and am sitting here a little stunned by how much I liked it.

It's the first Book in the "Outside" series and when the others come out I will get them to read. So onto THIS book.

Safer Outside is about a teenager returning to her old school district after two years away. While insecure about her looks (what teen girl isn't), she isn't shy about her thoughts or her feelings about her creepy step-father, her mom, her friends, and her boyfriend - Logan.

I had a feeling once introduced to the creepy step-father about where the book was headed and I admit, I didn't want to go there, but I wanted to see just how strong Liz had grown over the course of the book. I wanted to see just how she would handle herself. She's a doting big sister when she's home despite the stress of the situation time and time again.

And the alpha-maturity that Logan shows kind of made me forget that he's just a senior in high school.

Liz and Logan's circle of friends are pretty welcoming people that while not knowing their back histories, you want to welcome too just because of how their interaction is with each other.

If Book 2 is a follow up or continuation of Liz and Logan or any of their friends, I can't wait to see what happens next.

All in all I think that as a first book, Kristina Renee did a pretty good job. She pulled me in and I didn't put the book down.

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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Review: Three of Hearts (Hamden, Book #1) by W. Ferraro

Three of Hearts (Hamden, #1)Three of Hearts by W. Ferraro
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Mae Turney is a single woman that moves to Hamden and away from Boston by way of renting an apartment in the home of Seth Finn, Real Estate builder and father of three.

This book isn't about some young girl and guy in their twenties... this is a book about a woman who adjusts to life in a small town, working at the hospital's Cancer center and a man with a family who finds love again after losing his wife soon after the birth of their daughter to Cancer.

Along the road to happily ever after though, a miscommunication breaks Seth and Mae up forever. When Seth finally wakes up, is he too late to track her down and make his family whole again?

The only complaint I have about this book is that Mae didn't stick up for herself from the get go when the miscommunication happens.

I loved the family and friends that were supporting Seth and Mae throughout the book and laughed and cried throughout the book.

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Review: Lost and Found (Growing Pains: Part 1)

Lost and Found (Growing Pains #1)Lost and Found by K.F. Breene
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is the first in what appears to be a trilogy. While that doesn't bother me, what bothers me is the way this book ended... there's no major cliffhanger that made me pine for the second book.

This first book is about a 25 year old woman who who is a researcher in a company in San Francisco. We learn she's got a gay bestie - Ben - who's an art genius (according to her), she loves to crunch numbers and do research, and she has an ex who nearly beat her to death that is the cause of why she doesn't trust men.

Enter Sean, the Company's number one salesman and player. Krista, though she thinks he's hot, knows to keep him at bay and does her bet to do so. They end up working on a minor project together in which her detailed, hard work earns his respect so much that even though at first he wants to bed her, he puts that aside to have her put on his team to woo and win a new project.

Krista is honest with people and that, along with her innocence in some things, gets through to others and tugs at Sean's heart and soul.

So they sleep together - no. But the sexual energy is there. There are some humorous moments and some honest real moments that balance each other out.

Would I recommend this book to others? Um, not right away. Not until I've read the rest of the series to see how they blend together. If you're looking for a book to pass the time in the doctor's office though, or on the bus/train... try it. It won't leave you hot and bothered and there aren't any sexy scenes that little or wandering eyes may see.

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Friday, January 3, 2014

Review: Protecting What's His (Line of Duty #1) by Tessa Bailey

Protecting What's His (Line of Duty, #1)Protecting What's His by Tessa Bailey
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When a friend recommended this book, she thought I'd like it for the hot alpha male - Derek. While I have to give her kudos, I actually liked it for Ginger and Willa's story of their life in Nashville and the length that Willa went to get them both out of the hell they were living in, thanks to their mother.

Ginger is a sassy, southern bartender/big-sister (and mom) to her 17 year old sister, Willa. She comes home from work one night to find their mom passed out with a bag of money in her purse so Ginger does what she thinks is best for Willa and gets her and Willa outta Nashville. They head to Chicago to start over and do just that with her money from bartending and only using a little of the stolen money to secure an apartment.

Cue meeting the alphahunkomale (yes I know that's not a word) - Derek - a lieutenant with the police force on his way to the funeral of a colleague.

First impression of the girls for him was that they were noisy teens but he couldn't deny his attraction to Ginger. And her smartass mouth turned him on even more.

When he learns their names, he does a search on Ginger and finds a missing person's report was filed on them both by their mother, so he delves deeper and can only imagine what the two of them ran from.

He marks his territory and rescues her a time or two but in the end has to follow her to Nashville when Ginger has a revelation after seeing her sister in a whole new light.

This book was sexy and dominating between Derek and Ginger and sassy Willa was an added treat. Patty playing matchmaker was a little entertaining although for a few moments, had me sobbing when I thought Derek had been harmed.

This is the first in a series of books and I know I will eventually read the rest of the series because well, in my mind I have to. If you are looking for an entertaining, sexy read... try this book!

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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Forever and Always (Forever and Always series, Book 2)

Forever and Always (Forever and Always, #2)Forever and Always by E.L. Todd
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Forever and Always starts right where Only For You (Book 1 in the series) ends, with Sean in Seattle for Scarlet. He makes it known right away that he wants her to come back to New York City with him and that tears Scarlet up. Her relationship with her brother is repaired and she doesn't want to let that go and is afraid that it will become strained if she does.

After Scar and Sean discuss it, they head back to the apartment she shares with her brother and he settles in in the living room. Scarlet wants to make up by going to bed right away, but they go out for a drink instead and then spend the next day playing basketball with Ryan and Cortlandt before the two of them go back to the apartment and he finally gives in and they sleep together.

She takes him to the airport the next day, both of them not wanting to be apart, but they had come to a compromise that they'd try long distance until Scarlet could make up her mind.

Within a few days of being back in New York City, Ryan gets the shock of his life when his ex show's up, says she's carrying his child and wants another chance. Well, because Ryan doesn't want his child to grow up in a broken home, he believes he's doing the right thing by moving her into his apartment. He flies out that weekend to Seattle to break the news to Scarlet and she immediately throws him out of the apartment.

Scarlet allows herself a little while to cry before cleaning up and heading over to Cortlandt's to see her brother and Cordlandt, determined not to go into a depression.

Within a short time and with the help of his co-worker, Brian, Sean realizes that he's not in love with Penolope and tells her she has a month to move out. He then goes into a depression with pills and alcohol.

Meanwhile, Janice shows up in Seattle to see Scarlet and to make amends and then tells her what Sean did to their boss, Carl, and how she's been paying the price ever since. Scarlet and Janice, with the help of Cortlandt and Ryan, come up with a plan to bring Carl down. They head back to NYC the next day and carry out the plan that weekend.

After carrying out the plan, they're at a hot dog vendor when Sean's friend, Brian, recognizes Scarlet and tells her that Ryan hasn't been seen or heard from in a week and that he's been fired from his job. He then tells her of the Penelope news.

Scarlet is torn about what to do. She still loves Sean and will never forgive herself if something happens to him. Ryan encourages her to go to him.

She gets Sean back on his feet and heads home after getting Janice to move to Seattle and work with her in her Editing Company.

Once she's home, the government comes calling with a court date for her student loans and that sends her reeling.

Meanwhile, Sean moves to Seattle to fight for her, for them. Janice has moved in with her and her brother and the inheritance comes into play.

But when Scarlet finds out Sean has moved to Seattle, she wants no part of him and tells him as much very publicly, shortly afterwards, she learns the truth about what he did to help her and Ryan.

She asks him to meet to thank him and after he leaves, she goes after him...

I'm not going to tell you the rest... You gotta read it!

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Connected By The Sea by E.L. Todd

NOTE: This book has not yet been released and there currently is no link to Amazon.

The author asked me for an honest review of this book in exchange for an advanced copy as it hasn't been published yet and I'd like to thank her for the opportunity.

When the book first started, I just didn't feel a connection at first. As the story develops there is a lot going on - Sydney's need for studying to defend herself, her best friend being madly in love with her and her absolutely blind to it, her love for all things ocean related, and Coen. 

Coen barrels into her life at a time when she's content with where she's at, studying to become a marine biologist, loves her job, has great friends. She's asked to tutor Coen, who finds himself attracted to her as much as she's attracted to him, but he won't be hidden and he won't allow anyone to hurt him or her. They fall in love almost instantly and she keeps things from him. A lot. She holds off telling Henry about their relationship because she doesn't want to hurt him and then she holds off telling him about her step-father and step-brother and the fact that they're coming out for Thanksgiving. 

I really want to give this book a five because, in the end, I do love the characters and the book, but I can't help but still feel disconnected from the main characters a little.

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Review of Naked Edge by Charli Webb

I was gifted a digital copy of this book by the author for an honest review. 

Skylar returns to the place she considers home after four years away because of her step-father to find her beloved Aunt and Uncle dead and the only guy she only loved cold-hearted and distant. She slowly peels away the walls he put up and sees through his rough exterior. When Rowdy finally lets her back in his crazy step-sister doesn't like it and chaos ensues. I don't want to say anything more because I do not want to give anything away.

I loved the friends that rowdy has around him rally around he and Skylar as well and wish there was more story about Boone in there. To me this story could have lasted a little longer so I could get to know all of Rowdy's friends more. That is just the way I am. LOL

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Only For You by E.L. Todd

(Updated to add that this is Book one in the Forever and Always series by E.L. Todd)

First off let me start by saying, while I love to write stories, I do not always write a "good" review, but write how I feel and from the heart about what I've read. With that said...

ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review.
(Thank you for letting me read this book ahead of release) 

I was asked to provide an honest opinion of this book. I was warned that this was part of a trilogy but somehow I forgot that and thought this was a standalone book --- my bad. Am I disappointed about that? Not really, I love to read. So anyway... my honest review... Only For You for me is a story about two best friends – Scarlet and Sean. Scarlet is there for Sean when his girlfriend dumps him. Scarlet knows why she dumped him, but Scar keeps that from Sean. She also keeps the trouble she gets into at work from him. 

After they spend some time together as Sean doesn't want to be alone, they end up having sex several times. She goes off to work as if nothing is wrong and thinks that things have been taken to the next level with Sean, yet when she returns home... she discovers that her best male friend just slept with her best female friend in her bed. So between the work drama and the betrayal she feels by both of her best friends, she returns home to the other side of the United States to the brother she hasn't contacted in a year whom has his own problems and because he's worried about her, he has his best friend sistersitting her when he can't until she manages to start getting herself together again. She and her brother's best friend, Cortlandt, become close friends and one thing leads to another and they have sex. He feels guilty because she's his best friend's sister AND he has a girlfriend and neither at first tell her brother although Cortlandt insists that they do.

In the midst of this turmoil, the government comes after Scarlett for payment on her student loans, but because of some trouble at her brother's Tattoo shop, she gives the money she should have used to pay toward her loans to her brother so he can continue on in his business. 

During her time with her brother, he keeps in touch with Sean and when her brother finds out about the student loan, he asks for Sean's help in going after his sister's inheritance from her father that her mother has kept from her.

All this time that she's on the other side of the country, Sean is sorting out his feelings for her and his ex and realizes that he's fallen in love with Scarlet and wants her back so off he goes to get her from her brother... but will she take him back? 

My honest opinion on this book now that I've taken a few days to think about it before posting my review is although I confused myself about it not being a standalone book, I enjoyed it. All the main players are flawed and it's refreshing to see that there isn't a “perfect” one in the bunch. No one is too pretty or too butch or too sexy... they are flawed, imperfect people that I could easily find myself interested in getting to know as friends if they were real. I found this book kinda funny and sexy in it's own way for me. I laughed, I cried, I got angry and I felt for Scarlet, her brother, Sean, and Cortlandt. I wanted to strangle both Penelope and Scarlet's boss and was happy when … oh no... I'm not telling you about that scene. You gotta read the book to find out for yourself. 

Well, that's my review. So what are you doing still reading my review? Go get the book!

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Welcome to Read, Laugh, Love, Imagine

It's 2014 and I've created this blog to post about the books I am reading or have read in 2014. My goal is 100 books again this year (after narrowly reaching the same goal last year). 

The books I usually read vary from love and romance to paranormal to erotica; teens/YA and adult. I love my alpha vamps and wolves but I also love rock chicks and rockers, bikers and tattoos and sports romance stories.  

Sometimes I'll post what I'm reading and sometimes I may post a review. This is a blog about books, but also I may post about music and sports because that is what is usually on my TV or playing in the background when I read. 

I was very, very fortunate to receive requests from authors to read their books late in 2013 and those reviews I will bring up from Goodreads/Amazon and if I can remember how to do it, I'll post Amazon links.

It has been a long time since I've blogged really so the first month or so I may be quite rusty but if anyone has any tips for me, please feel free to share them. 

Thanks for finding this page and I hope you and I become friends in reading, lauging, loving (our bad boys and our heroes and heroines) and imagining our men.