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REVIEW: Seduce Me by Ryan Michele

Seduce Me (Ravage MC, #2)Seduce Me by Ryan Michele
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

First and foremost... if you haven't read Ravage Me (Ravage MC #1), then stop now and go read that book... go on... I'll wait.

Oh, you've read it... good... carry on then.

So in Ravage me, we're first introduced to Casey and G.T. Casey is Harlow's best friend and G.T. is Harlow's brother.

I'm gonna try to give nothing away but please... if you haven't read Ravage Me yet, don't say I didn't warn ya... SPOILER ALERTS MAY BE AHEAD. There, I said it.

So, Seduce me starts off somewhat prior to before Ravage Me ends.

Casey's car is packed and she's heading away to college and to start life somewhere new. Reasons also include G.T. and his womanizing ways and that since her father died, she hasn't felt like a part of the MC family.

G.T. is used to sleeping around, but he was drawn to Casey and they had a wild time together, but he believes Casey deserves better than him and pushes her away.

After she's been away a few weeks, makes a few friends, and goes through something that nearly kills her, Harlow calls her home. (HERE COMES THE SPOILER IF YOU HAVEN'T READ RAVAGE ME --- WHY HAVEN'T YOU READ IT?) While out conducting MC business, the club president is killed and G.T. is seriously wounded and needs to remain in bed.

G.T. is ordered to bed rest and knows that Casey is coming home. When Casey returns, he's determined to win her back and not let her go again. This is his chance to make things right by making her his.

She makes him work for it though and does not tell him her secret at first.

Can her secret and the ongoing trouble that started for the club in Ravage Me, tear them apart or make them stronger? I'm not tellin!

I know I rate most of the books I read as five star. I do so because they entertain me. If I'm entertained, I think the reader has done their job. Did Ryan Michele make me laugh - yes; cry - yes; get angry - yes; sob like a baby - yes; smile like an idiot - yep... well then, the author did their job.

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