Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Review: Snowed In by Melanie Shawn

Snowed In (The Hope Falls Series, #7)Snowed In by Melanie Shawn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

***THANK YOU to the author for an ARC copy. This review may or may not contain spoilers***

What happens when the Flight Attendant and the Politician ignite sparks from a one night stand?

Nikki Maguire and Mike Gowan are two strangers that are stranded in a hotel due to bad weather. He needs to get back to DC and she was headed home to Hope Falls.

He saves her from unwanted advances from another man and she likes that he's easy on the eyes. The conversation is free flowing for these two and while they notice how attractive the other is, nothing happens until after they survive being stuck in the elevator for a little while.

What happens when they both believe that what they shared was just more than great sex and they can't get each other out of their heads? Nikki enlists the help of her Book club besties and her sister to help her navigate whatever this relationship is and Mike deals with the overcontrolling mother and assistant and the ex that just refuses to go away as he pursues Nikki.

When it all comes to a head, will these two admit their love and weather the storm?

This series is my guilty pleasure that helps me destress from a long day at work. Jake and Tessa (Let It Snow, book 8) are my favorite couple, but I have the first four to read yet and will do that soon.

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