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Review: Devil May Cry by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Devil May Cry (Dark-Hunter, #11)Devil May Cry by Sherrilyn Kenyon
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Sumerian Fertility God Sin – a Dark-Hunter but not really, he fights the demons the Dark-Hunters don't. For thousands of years he's been fighting them and on occasion, Acheron helps when he's not bound to Artemis's compound on Olympus. For thousands of years, Sin has been dreaming of ways to get his hands on Artemis to kill her for taking the majority of his powers away from him.

Katra, aka Kat - Artemis' daughter, but no one is supposed to know. She works for both her mother and her grandmother and knows they play her against each other. She also knows who her father is, but he has no knowledge of her being his daughter. She looks pretty much like her mother, so much so that Sin mistakes her for Artmeis at first. Artemis lies to Katra to get her to do her bidding by telling her that Sin is after her. When Kat finds him, she finds him slaughtering a human. He disappears after killing the human and she eventually tracks him down.

Once he finally deduces that she is not her mother and that he is out to save the world and that killing Artemis, while high on his list, is not top priority at the moment, they come together to rescue his brother and stop the Gallu from destroying the world.

They both notice the sexual tension between them, but Sin's afraid to love again and Kat has never felt this way before plus, there's the whole she's an 11,000 year old virgin (WHAT THE FRACK???!!! Really?). They realize after a few days that they love each other, Kat gets sick and the only way to save her is that Ash has to bind her to Sin as he is bound to Artemis.
During Kat's first feed off of Sin, he learns the truth. It wasn't Artemis that stripped him of his powers, it was Kat as she's a conduit. She stripped him of them and gave them to her mother, all because her mother lied to her. She goes to Ash for advice when Sin leaves her and he tells her to be sincere with her apology from the get go. It's what could have saved his relationship with her mother after all. She apologizes to Sin and he can tell she's sincere and accepts but sends her away so that she is safe and he can concentrate on finding his brother and killing the Gallu. Kat has her own way of helping and after a week finds him a mess. They make up and it's off to save his brother with additional help from some Daimons and Ash and Artemis.

I didn't get into this book until Acheron finds out that Kat is his daughter. The scenes that he and Kat share for me were potent and touching. The fact that Kat was an 11,000-ish year old virgin just ticked me off. Really?

Simi and her sister make an appearance as do the Daimons, Katra's mother and grandmother and the Dream-hunters, too. Where were my were-hunters? (Just kidding) By the end of the book, I was asking for more, but I really wish this book would have drawn me in a lot sooner than halfway through it.

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