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Forever and Always (Forever and Always series, Book 2)

Forever and Always (Forever and Always, #2)Forever and Always by E.L. Todd
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Forever and Always starts right where Only For You (Book 1 in the series) ends, with Sean in Seattle for Scarlet. He makes it known right away that he wants her to come back to New York City with him and that tears Scarlet up. Her relationship with her brother is repaired and she doesn't want to let that go and is afraid that it will become strained if she does.

After Scar and Sean discuss it, they head back to the apartment she shares with her brother and he settles in in the living room. Scarlet wants to make up by going to bed right away, but they go out for a drink instead and then spend the next day playing basketball with Ryan and Cortlandt before the two of them go back to the apartment and he finally gives in and they sleep together.

She takes him to the airport the next day, both of them not wanting to be apart, but they had come to a compromise that they'd try long distance until Scarlet could make up her mind.

Within a few days of being back in New York City, Ryan gets the shock of his life when his ex show's up, says she's carrying his child and wants another chance. Well, because Ryan doesn't want his child to grow up in a broken home, he believes he's doing the right thing by moving her into his apartment. He flies out that weekend to Seattle to break the news to Scarlet and she immediately throws him out of the apartment.

Scarlet allows herself a little while to cry before cleaning up and heading over to Cortlandt's to see her brother and Cordlandt, determined not to go into a depression.

Within a short time and with the help of his co-worker, Brian, Sean realizes that he's not in love with Penolope and tells her she has a month to move out. He then goes into a depression with pills and alcohol.

Meanwhile, Janice shows up in Seattle to see Scarlet and to make amends and then tells her what Sean did to their boss, Carl, and how she's been paying the price ever since. Scarlet and Janice, with the help of Cortlandt and Ryan, come up with a plan to bring Carl down. They head back to NYC the next day and carry out the plan that weekend.

After carrying out the plan, they're at a hot dog vendor when Sean's friend, Brian, recognizes Scarlet and tells her that Ryan hasn't been seen or heard from in a week and that he's been fired from his job. He then tells her of the Penelope news.

Scarlet is torn about what to do. She still loves Sean and will never forgive herself if something happens to him. Ryan encourages her to go to him.

She gets Sean back on his feet and heads home after getting Janice to move to Seattle and work with her in her Editing Company.

Once she's home, the government comes calling with a court date for her student loans and that sends her reeling.

Meanwhile, Sean moves to Seattle to fight for her, for them. Janice has moved in with her and her brother and the inheritance comes into play.

But when Scarlet finds out Sean has moved to Seattle, she wants no part of him and tells him as much very publicly, shortly afterwards, she learns the truth about what he did to help her and Ryan.

She asks him to meet to thank him and after he leaves, she goes after him...

I'm not going to tell you the rest... You gotta read it!

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