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Only For You by E.L. Todd

(Updated to add that this is Book one in the Forever and Always series by E.L. Todd)

First off let me start by saying, while I love to write stories, I do not always write a "good" review, but write how I feel and from the heart about what I've read. With that said...

ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review.
(Thank you for letting me read this book ahead of release) 

I was asked to provide an honest opinion of this book. I was warned that this was part of a trilogy but somehow I forgot that and thought this was a standalone book --- my bad. Am I disappointed about that? Not really, I love to read. So anyway... my honest review... Only For You for me is a story about two best friends – Scarlet and Sean. Scarlet is there for Sean when his girlfriend dumps him. Scarlet knows why she dumped him, but Scar keeps that from Sean. She also keeps the trouble she gets into at work from him. 

After they spend some time together as Sean doesn't want to be alone, they end up having sex several times. She goes off to work as if nothing is wrong and thinks that things have been taken to the next level with Sean, yet when she returns home... she discovers that her best male friend just slept with her best female friend in her bed. So between the work drama and the betrayal she feels by both of her best friends, she returns home to the other side of the United States to the brother she hasn't contacted in a year whom has his own problems and because he's worried about her, he has his best friend sistersitting her when he can't until she manages to start getting herself together again. She and her brother's best friend, Cortlandt, become close friends and one thing leads to another and they have sex. He feels guilty because she's his best friend's sister AND he has a girlfriend and neither at first tell her brother although Cortlandt insists that they do.

In the midst of this turmoil, the government comes after Scarlett for payment on her student loans, but because of some trouble at her brother's Tattoo shop, she gives the money she should have used to pay toward her loans to her brother so he can continue on in his business. 

During her time with her brother, he keeps in touch with Sean and when her brother finds out about the student loan, he asks for Sean's help in going after his sister's inheritance from her father that her mother has kept from her.

All this time that she's on the other side of the country, Sean is sorting out his feelings for her and his ex and realizes that he's fallen in love with Scarlet and wants her back so off he goes to get her from her brother... but will she take him back? 

My honest opinion on this book now that I've taken a few days to think about it before posting my review is although I confused myself about it not being a standalone book, I enjoyed it. All the main players are flawed and it's refreshing to see that there isn't a “perfect” one in the bunch. No one is too pretty or too butch or too sexy... they are flawed, imperfect people that I could easily find myself interested in getting to know as friends if they were real. I found this book kinda funny and sexy in it's own way for me. I laughed, I cried, I got angry and I felt for Scarlet, her brother, Sean, and Cortlandt. I wanted to strangle both Penelope and Scarlet's boss and was happy when … oh no... I'm not telling you about that scene. You gotta read the book to find out for yourself. 

Well, that's my review. So what are you doing still reading my review? Go get the book!

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