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Review: Connected By The Tide (Hawaiian Crush, Book 3) by E.L. Todd

Connected by the Tide (Hawaiian Crush, #3)Connected by the Tide by E.L. Todd
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I admit... I had a huge crush on Henry in the first two books in the Hawaiian Crush series and I fell for him even more in this book.

At the beginning of this book, Henry is depressed and heartbroken over Sydney and does his best to avoid seeing her and taking her calls. He goes so far as to even change his major from Zoology to English.

In his first class of the new semester, a girl next to him lets him know he's using the wrong textbook and offers to share hers with him for that class. She does the same for the very next class they end up having together. He notices that she's pretty and nice but he tries to avoid any friendly conversation as he's still trying to get over Sydney.

The girl - Ren - engages him in conversation whenever she sees him. He begins to respond in kind and looks forward to their encounters. They become friends, but his heart still aches for his unrequited love for Sydney.

He confides in Ren like he never did with Sydney and spending time with Ren helps him begin to heal.

Meanwhile, Sydney is still trying to see him and talk to him and just isn't leaving him alone. For her, he is family and she loves and misses him. Henry goes to Coen when he knows Sydney won't be home and explains himself to Coen and asks Coen to talk to Sydney for him.

Meanwhile he continues to keep Ren at bay. She tries to get him to come see her at her workplace, but he's hesitant. When his and Sydney's mutual friends meet up with him for lunch and Ren's in the next booth, she manages to give him the tickets to her workplace that she wanted to before.

At the luau (Ren's workplace), Nancy and Derek both tell him that it's obvious Ren is into him. Ren confronts him after work and he is honest with her, he won't go out with her because he doesn't want to hurt her because he's in love with someone else and needs to get over that person. Ren likes his honesty and tells him so and their friendship blossoms even more.

This is just the beginning of their story... I don't want to tell you anymore because it would be way too much spoilerage, but Ren comes with her own baggage and there are a few miscommunications and one big blowout that nearly causes to ruin something awesome.

You'll meet two of Ren's four brothers and her ex - Dane, and her father as well. You'll find out Ren's history as well and it blends well into this story and makes me root for her and Henry even more.

I will warn you, this isn't for the 18 and under crowd. It has lots of sex in it. I think there's more in this book then in the first two Hawaiian Crush books.

Should you read the first two books in the series first though? I definitely would as they set up for this third quite nicely.

This is one of my favorite books over the past few months and it's all because of Henry. I got to watch him go through heartbreak, family drama, and falling in love and it was an emotional, awesome ride.

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