Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Connected By The Sea by E.L. Todd

NOTE: This book has not yet been released and there currently is no link to Amazon.

The author asked me for an honest review of this book in exchange for an advanced copy as it hasn't been published yet and I'd like to thank her for the opportunity.

When the book first started, I just didn't feel a connection at first. As the story develops there is a lot going on - Sydney's need for studying to defend herself, her best friend being madly in love with her and her absolutely blind to it, her love for all things ocean related, and Coen. 

Coen barrels into her life at a time when she's content with where she's at, studying to become a marine biologist, loves her job, has great friends. She's asked to tutor Coen, who finds himself attracted to her as much as she's attracted to him, but he won't be hidden and he won't allow anyone to hurt him or her. They fall in love almost instantly and she keeps things from him. A lot. She holds off telling Henry about their relationship because she doesn't want to hurt him and then she holds off telling him about her step-father and step-brother and the fact that they're coming out for Thanksgiving. 

I really want to give this book a five because, in the end, I do love the characters and the book, but I can't help but still feel disconnected from the main characters a little.

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