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REVIEW: Cain's Identity (Scanguards Vampires Book 9) by Tina Folsom

Cain's Identity (Scanguards Vampires, #9)Cain's Identity by Tina Folsom
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What do you do when you have no memory of who you are except for vivid dreams of late and a feeling that you shouldn't be taking orders from anyone? You become defiant and combative. Then someone shows up claiming they know who you are and that they've come to take you back to claim what's rightfully yours?

If you're Cain, you cautiously agree to go "home" before you're legally declared dead. However, Scanguards sends some of its crew with you and what ensues is one entertaining, exciting, and tantalizing book. Not to say the book is without it's flaws as I'm partial to two or three other Scanguards vampires; I found myself drawn to Cain's story immediately despite him and his really cocky Alpha attitude. Besides, I've been waiting for his story for a while so I just HAD to read this book.

While I wasn't a fan of Cain's defiance of authority at first, when John comes into play to take him home, my attitude changed. We're taken away from San Francisco and taken down south and introduced to a whole different Vampire world.

Cain's Identity has its comedic moments, its tender moments, and a few battle scenes. Then ending could have been more epic and battleworthy to me, but it does not deter from how much I enjoyed this book.

If you have never read Tina Folsom's Scanguards series, I highly recommend it. I would start with Samson's Lovely Mortal, Book 1 and then read the series in order to experience the build up to Cain's Identity.

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