Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Review: Let It Snow by Melanie Shawn

Let It Snow (The Hope Falls Series, #8)Let It Snow by Melanie Shawn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

First off, if you're like me and you like to read a series of books from the beginning, go read the other seven books. They are now on my TBR wish list because I DID NOT REALIZE that this was actually book 8 of the series. Can this be read as a standalone --- I believe so, but I really would have loved to have gotten to know the town and characters more since this is book 8 of the series before I read book 8 of the series. Shame on me... but when one of my favorite authors said --- You gotta read this book... well, I blindly went and one-clicked over at Amazon and began reading. So.. onto my review.

Tessa Hayes is heading back to a place she called home for a year thirteen years after she left, heartbroken and believing she was doing the right thing.

Jake Maguire's world crashed from high to low over the course of three days thirteen years ago and now he was bitter, angry, and still not over his broken heart.

Tessa comes to town only because she needs to settle her grandmother's estate. She hoped to slip into town and not run into Jake right away, but her small bladder has other plans.

Jake's at the bar entertaining some of his underlings as one of the B.B.B.s tries to get him to take her home for the evening when his brother comes into the bar to tell him that Tessa's in town. As he's telling her, Jake sees Tessa as she tries to make her way back to her car with little to no contact.

Jake's looking for answers to why Tessa's back and why she left. Tessa's just wanting to fix up and sell her grandmother's house so she can go back to southern California and start her own photography studio.

Family and friends help to remind Tessa of how happy she was in the town and a talk or two with Jake about what happened thirteen years ago and why she left have her wavering though until the first snow of the year and Jake is upset with how she chose his life for him thirteen years prior.

Will the sale of her grandmother's home lead her to stay or on her way out of town for good?

You should read to find out... ha!

This is an awesome story of a true love that reconnects and overcomes obstacles that are thirteen years old, but stubborness may keep them apart. I enjoyed this book and now I need more fundage for my kindle account to go back and get the other books to read the series. I look forward to reading them as well as other works by Melanie Shawn in the future.

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