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Review: Ravage Me (Ravage MC, Book #1) by Ryan Michele

Ravage Me (Ravage MC, #1)Ravage Me by Ryan Michele
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I promised myself I wouldn't read any MC books or paranormal books until after a book I had on pre-order had been read, but this one called out to me. Maybe because I wasn't in the mood to read that other book or because I liked the write up, I dunno, but I do know I really liked this book.

It starts out with Harlow, aka Princess, getting out of prison after roughly 25 months for something she didn't do and returning home to the club where she grew up around the majority of the guys and her dad was VP.

Enter Cruz, a former marine and young, patched member of the MC. When Harlow returns to the Club and goes to check on her "man", a few of the mechanics of the shop try to stop her and she holds her own with them. Cruz is amazed by how quickly she stops herself from laying a hand on him when he turns her into his chest and she notices the MC marker. He's a patched member. She immediately showed him respect. Then sees her dad. He's shocked that she's "Princess" and she challenges him to a fight in the "ring".

Harlow is a spitfire kind of woman and the electricity and tension between her and Cruz is instant. Diamond, the Club president, immediately puts Cruz in charge of her protection. And nearly immediately, Cruz claims her as his ol' lady.

The problem she has at first is she doesn't date or sleep with MC members or prospects. She doesn't want that for herself. Ever. She respects Diamond's orders though and sticks to Cruz's side.

Harlow and the Club knows who is responsible for her going to prison. She wants payback but obeys Diamond when he says for her to stay out of it, that it's club business.

She is like this throughout the book. She can hold her own against men and women and proves it a few times.

She tries to deny Cruz, but her body won't let her. She bonds almost immediately to his son, Connor and loathes Connor's mom, who isn't a good mom to Connor. When Cruz sees the bond Harlow has formed with his son, it melts his heart even more.

I don't want to give too much away about this book because there's alot going on and because there is, I didn't want to put it down. Harlow shows not only strength, but vulnerability and Cruz, while a tough-ass man, shows Harlow he can be tender and proves to her that being his ol' lady and Connor's mom is right where she belongs.

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